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The world of the three-row, midsize Honda expanded a lot on the 2020 Honda Pilot near Atlanta. This new model is a different character altogether. It already had an ample powertrain, but this year it gets even more powerful with a V6 engine choice you're going to love. Hughes Honda is here to review the 2020 Honda Pilot near Macon Milledgeville Albany. We hope you realize just what a terrific vehicle the 2020 Honda Pilot near Atlanta is this year. Honda finally revamped its style, and it's shining and standing out in a way that it never has before.

Macon GA - 2020 Honda Pilot Overview

Exterior - 2020 Honda Pilot

The Pilot at Hughes Honda features a practical, but elegant, exterior. We wouldn't call it no frills, but it's perfect for its class. Lunar Silver Metallic, Crystal Black Pearl, and Deep Scarlet Pearl are a few of your premium color choices this year. The Pilot's wide 78.6 inches body is a lot more muscular than other vehicles in its class, and we believe this adds a toughness and aggressiveness to its look that other midsize models lack near Macon Milledgeville Albany. If you want a more aggressive midsize model, the Pilot is your go to pick.

Macon GA - 2020 Honda Pilot Exterior

Interior - 2020 Honda Pilot near Macon

Three huge rows of seating give all of your passengers one of the most spacious seating arrangements in the midsize (or even full-size) segments. How Honda managed to fit this much passenger space into the 2020 Honda Pilot near Atlanta, we don't know, but we're impressed and thrilled that they did. Families will appreciate seating for 8 people. The interior is decorated in black, beige, or gray colors (according to which exterior paint you choose for your Pilot), so everything matches nicely and looks upscale and truly fashionable. If you want, you can grab second row captain's chairs. Starting with the EX trim, you get an 8-inch touchscreen infotainment system that has one of the easiest to use interfaces in the industry. A 10.2" rear entertainment system is available for the kids to enjoy a nice, quiet time in the backseat while the adults in the front seat handle the journey. It's an interior with a lot of personality and refinement.

Macon GA - 2020 Honda Pilot Interior
Mechanical - Honda Pilot specs near Macon

The 9-speed automatic transmission on the Pilot is an overachiever and definitely more than we expected to see on a mid-size family SUV. Most automakers don't bother throwing in a transmission that goes above and beyond the call of duty, but we're thrilled to see that Honda really wanted to make the Pilot something special this year.

Macon GA - 2020 Honda Pilot Mechanical
Powertrain - Honda Pilot specs near Macon GA

The Pilot gets a 280 horsepower V6 engine this year that we're pleased to report is highly efficient and impressive on acceleration. When you're tackling hills or towing, you'll feel the additional power in a big way. If you want a family SUV with a little bit of extra power, the Pilot is an ideal choice.

Safety - 2020 Honda Pilot dealer

Honda's safety lineup on the Pilot is stellar, and you'd expect nothing less from a family SUV. Your family is the most important thing in the world to you, so it's comforting to know that features like automatic emergency braking with pedestrian detection, lane keeping systems, and vehicle stability control are all in full effect. With advanced airbag systems throughout the cabin, you've got added protection, too. This is the safest Pilot yet, and its safety profile rivals any other vehicle in the industry. We're confident recommending this one to our customers.

Hughes Honda near Macon Milledgeville Albany is happy to welcome the new Pilot to our dealership lot. Please take a moment to request a quote, apply for financing, or give us a call to schedule a test drive. We're here to serve you in any way that you need us.

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