Lease Return Guide



Your Free Vehicle Inspection should be schedule with no less than 2 months left on your lease to ensure you have plenty of time to schedule any needed repairs. You can schedule your vehicle inspection with Honda here.

The end of lease vehicle inspection provides information on the vehicle that is needed to close your lease account. Any excess use and wear or damage to your Honda vehicle is assessed to make you aware of any additional charges you will be responsible for after your vehicle is returned. Planning your inspection early can provide extra time to schedule repairs for excess wear and/or damages that may have been found during the inspection.

The inspection is free of charge and takes about an hour to complete. The inspector will need keys to start the vehicle and check all electrical components but will not drive your vehicle.

We recommend that you are present during the inspection because you will be provided with a printed report that the inspector will review with you. Shortly after the inspection you will also receive your Preliminary End of Lease Statement outlining the estimated cost of any excess wear and use or damage, excess miles, etc. No charges are added to your account until after the vehicle is returned.

Prior to Inspection, we ask that:

  1. 1 The vehicle is clean as possible inside and out.
  2. 2 All items are removed from the vehicle. The Inspector will not move or remove any items from the vehicle.
  3. 3 You have all keys to the vehicle.
  4. 4 You have all manuals and service/maintenance records.
  5. 5 You have all original vehicle accessories



If your vehicle requires repairs before your lease return, you can schedule those repairs at our Hughes Honda Service Department at 844-223-0749 or through our online service scheduler.

Benefits of Scheduling Repairs with Us: We are an authorized Honda Service Facility and use Genuine Honda Parts (required by your lease agreement) to repair your Honda. We also keep your repair history on file, which will be required at vehicle return.

You may return your vehicle without making repairs and you will receive a bill after your vehicle is returned for the cost of the excess wear and use.

During the last month of your lease, is the time to schedule an appointment for returning your lease. You can set up your appointment by calling us at 844-223-0749.




At your Lease Return appointment, deliver the vehicle in clean condition and have with you:

  1. 1 All keys to the vehicle
  2. 2 The owner’s manual and maintenance records
  3. 3 Vehicle Return Receipt
  4. 4 Vehicle Inspection Report
  5. 5 Receipts from completed repairs (if needed)