How to Make a Phone Call in the Honda CR-V


Bluetooth® and Apple CarPlay™ in the Honda CR-V




If you’ve been wondering how to make a phone call in the new Honda CR-V or are looking for information about the CR-V Apple CarPlay™ feature, the search is over. It’s easy to sync a smartphone to a Honda SUV, and the staff at our Honda dealership near Perry, GA, can explain how to pair your smartphone with your Honda CR-V. Learn more about which Honda CR-V models are Bluetooth® HandsFreeLink® and Apple CarPlay® compatible at Hughes Honda in Warner Robins or check out our online Honda Tech Tutor how-to videos!


How Do I Set Up Bluetooth® in My Honda CR-V?

Bluetooth® HandsFreeLink® is the perfect way to make a phone call in the Honda CR-V you drive. This technology allows you to use your smartphone without taking your hands off the wheel. First, you must enable the Honda Bluetooth® capabilities and your phone’s Bluetooth® connection. Use your phone settings to turn Bluetooth® on. Next, locate the Settings button on the Honda Display Audio system and look through the options in the menu to connect to Bluetooth®. Press the Phone icon on the HandsFreeLink® system and allow the system to recognize your smartphone. You may have to enter the passcode into your phone before you can connect. With that, you’ve completed the Bluetooth® Honda CR-V phone pairing process!


How Do I Pair my Honda CR-V and Apple CarPlay™?

The Honda CR-V Apple CarPlay™ function ensures you can easily connect your iPhone and your CR-V, allowing you to enjoy additional convenience during every journey through Middle Georgia. To start, simply plug your phone charger into a USB port and your Apple phone to activate Apple CarPlay™. You may be prompted to give Apple CarPlay™ permission to access your iPhone. Once you, your Honda CR-V, and its Apple CarPlay™ system are connected, you can access music streaming apps, check your voicemail and listen to text messages. You can also place phone calls and hear iPhone navigation instructions through the sound system.

Hoping to upgrade to the latest Honda CR-V SUV and enjoy the convenience of Honda HandsLink®, Bluetooth® and Apple CarPlay™? You can explore the entire CR-V lineup and test-drive the Honda CR-V you’ve been dreaming of at our Warner Robins Honda dealership!



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